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    Learn Portuguese from the Streets of Lisbon!

    One of my missions when I set up Talk the Streets was to make more video content in European Portuguese available with subtitles.

    When I learnt both Spanish and Portuguese, music videos (Shakira Shakira) and online news were invaluable for improving my vocab, pronunciation and listening comprehension. Using them was a much more enjoyable way to learn than dry old grammar books.

    So since the content wasn’t out there, I’ve been busy making it myself.

    Today I can share the most exciting update in this project – I am now a co-producer on the Easy Languages YouTube channel, hosting their first ever European Portuguese episodes!

    The premise? Learning Portuguese from the streets (how on brand is that?!) by chatting to native speakers about a new topic each time. The subtitles are in English and Portuguese, so challenge you no matter where you are on your language learning journey.

    Watch the first episode “Famous Portuguese People”!

    What do you think of the video? Got any ideas for my next topic? Comment below!

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