Learn Portuguese at Home

How does learning Portuguese from the comfort of your own home sound? We understand that getting to a regular class can be a pain to pack into the schedule, so let us come to you!

The Talk the Streets Learn Portuguese at Home option is designed to help small groups accelerate their studies at a time and location that suits them. You don’t need any equipment – just enough space for your group to comfortably learn (and maybe crack open a beer?). We’ll do the rest.

What will the course cover?

For this option, that is up to you! Groups will need to be at roughly the same level to learn together, we will then set a lesson plan based on your abilities and goals as a group.

Why should I choose Talk the Streets?

As you may have seen from the “Learn Portuguese” page, a Talk the Streets language course is a bit different to other courses you may find in Lisbon:

No Textbooks: All the lesson material is personally curated by Liz, based on university-grade grammar guides and popular multimedia content (think music, online news and video).

Real-life practice: Depending on your level, we will focus on setting speaking tasks or practicing conversation throughout the course, to ensure your confidence to speak Portuguese continually improves.

Cultural Experiences: Once a month we organize a cultural experience involving an activity and conversation practice with a Portuguese business person or artist. Learn at Home students will get discounted access to these events.

How many people should be in each group?

As with all Talk the Streets classes, you will need a minimum of three people. There is no upper limit, but to ensure everyone gets plenty of personal attention, we recommend not exceeding six people.

How much will it cost?

This will depend how often you want to study, and how long you would like classes to be. A pack of six one-hour classes held once a week would start from €132 per student.

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