Learn European Portuguese in Lisbon

Do you want to learn European Portuguese, but find textbooks and grammar exercises too dull?

Do you want to learn practical and relevant Portuguese that will help you experience Portugal at its very best?

At Talk the Streets, our mission is to equip you with the language skills you need to become part of your community in Portugal. You’ll be learning in an intimate yet social setting, and benefit from several features unique to Talk the Streets…

No Textbooks

All the lesson material is personally curated by Liz, based on university-grade grammar guides and popular multimedia content (think music, online news and video). This means the Portuguese you learn will be rooted in popular culture.

Small Classes

Each class will have no more than six students. In our experience, this will allow each student to have sufficient personal attention, while having the opportunity to learn from each other.

Real-life Practice

Each week you will be set a mystery mission that you will be required to complete in real life. During the classes you will be coached on how to execute yours (from buying an international stamp at the post office to asking for the time at the bus stop) to ensure that as the classes progress, your confidence to speak Portuguese in public will too.

Cultural Experiences

Each course includes a cultural outing, involving an activity and conversation practice with a Portuguese business person or artist – a totally unique experience exclusive to Talk the Streets!

Taught by Lusophile Liz Sharma, our classes cater to all levels and lifestyles. Whether you are a total beginner or want to take your existing knowledge to the next level, we have the right model for you.

For more information, email liz@talkthestreets.com.