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    How to Get a Hair Cut in Portuguese

    Getting your hair cut is a BIG DEAL. I mean, you have to wear it every day, right?! So it’s a bit of a bummer when you have a breakdown in communication with your hairdresser and end up with a look that is – not quite you.

    So if you factor in having to ask for what you want in Portuguese, it’s a double challenge.

    Sure, you could vaguely point at a picture and cross your fingers you’ll still have hair left at the end, OR you could watch my new video that walks you through the vocabulary you need!

    As always, there’s a dialogue between two native speakers at the end, so keep watching. Even if this is too fast for you at the moment, the beauty is you can pause, rewind and repeat as much as you want, until the phrases stick. 

    Let me know in the comments if you are going to give it a try, or if you have an idea for another everyday situation that I should cover in my “European Portuguese Dialogues” series.

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    With thanks to WIP Hairport in Lisbon, and my lovely model Saeda! Check out the transcript below.

    Nuria: Olá, boa noite! Tudo bem? Hi, good evening! How are you?

    Saeda: Tudo bem e consigo? All good, and you?

    Nuria: Também, obrigada! Então, como vamos cortar o cabelo? Me too, thank you! So, how are we going to cut your hair?

    Saeda: Então, eu gostava de cortar as pontas, talvez escadear um bocadinho, e fazer a franja. So, I would like to trim the ends, maybe layer it a bit, and do a fringe.

    Nuria: OK, cortar as pontas, não muito? OK, trim the ends, not much?

    Saeda: Não muito. Not much.

    Nuria: E o escadeado, com muita inclinação? And the layers, sharp?

    Saeda: Não, só queria tirar um bocadinho da volume. No, I would just like to take away a bit of the volume.

    Nuria: E franja? And a fringe?

    Saeda: Sim, franja. Yes, a fringe.

    Nuria: Uma franja muito curta? A very short fringe?

    Saeda: Não, gostava de ter uma franja ao nível da sobrancelha. No, I would like to have a fringe in line with my eyebrows.

    Nuria: E no dia a dia, como é que usa o cabelo? And day to day, how do you wear your hair?

    Saeda: Costumo usar sempre ao natural. I usually wear it natural.

    Nuria: E costuma pôr algum produto? And do you usually use any products?

    Saeda: Eu uso máscara uma vez por semana, e costumo usar amaciador sempre que lavo o cabelo. I use a mask once a week, and I usually use conditioner every time I wash my hair.

    Nuria: E a máscara, quando faz, é em casa? And the mask, when you use it, it’s at home?

    Saeda: Sim Yes

    Nuria: E hoje, vamos querer secar de alguma forma diferente? And today, are we going to want to dry it in a different way?

    Saeda: Eu gostava de esticar o cabelo. I would like to straighten my hair.

    Nuria: Vamos esticar? OK secar esticado? Certo, combinado! Vamos! We are going to straighten it? OK, blow dry it straight? Sure, done! Let’s go.

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