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    Coping with COVID-19 in Portugal (with a song)

    Coronavirus has hit Portugal. By now we all know, the best weapon we have to stop the spread, is staying off the streets. The latest official advice from the state can be found here, but last week a young man went viral on Whats App for delivering guidance in the best possible way: with an extraordinarily catchy song.

    Disclaimer! I searched high and low for this video online but couldn’t find the source. All credit goes to this unknown guy, I only hope to show his creativity to a wider audience by sharing this video here and translating the lyrics. If anyone knows who he is, let me know in the comments!

    Scroll down for the lyrics in Portuguese and English side by side. The main takeway? Fica em casa (stay home).

    Stay safe everyone.

    Letras em português

    Lava bem as mãos,

    Não esfregues a cara

    Toma precaução

    A máscara está rara

    Não a vás comprar

    Há quem dela precise

    Olha os hospitais

    E os estoques em deslize

    Não espirres para a mão

    Usa em vez o cotovelo

    Não beijes ou abraces

    Um amigo ao vê-lo

    Usa o Skype, vai pro Facebook

    Espeta grande like

    Bota um story no teu grupo

    Mas eu que sei?

    Foi só o que ouvi dizer (x2)

    Foste ao supermercado

    Fazer compras para o mês

    Não havia um enlatado

    Foste super descortês

    Mas levaste 80 rolos

    Só para limpares o rabo

    “Que os outros sim, são tolos

    Vou levar esta merda

    antes que isto acabe”

    Estás de quarentena

    A escola fechou

    “Mas quero ficar morena,

    É para a praia que eu vou”

    Os amigos no café

    Ou numa esplanada

    “O covid é que é,

    Esta merda só mata a velhada”

    Mas eu que sei?

    Foi só o que ouvi dizer (x2)

    Agora muito a sério

    Que isto deu trabalho

    Veste o pijaminha

    E fica em casa c@r*!ho

    Lyrics in English

    Wash your hands well

    Don’t rub your face,

    Take precautions

    Masks are rare

    Don’t go out and buy it

    There’s people who need one

    Look at the hosptials,

    Stocks are falling

    Don’t sneeze in your hand

    Use your elbow instead

    Don’t kiss or hug

    Your friend when you see him

    Use Skype, go on Facebook,

    Give a big like

    Put a story in your group

    But what do I know?

    It’s just what I’ve heard.

    You went to the supermarket

    To shop for the month

    There weren’t any tins

    You were super rude

    But you took 80 rolls

    Just to wipe your butt

    “Yeah the others are stupid

    I’m going to take this shit

    before it runs out”

    You are in quarentine

    School closed

    “But I want to get tanned

    I’m going to the beach”

    Friends in the café

    On on an esplanade

    “What is COVID?

    That shit only kills the old”

    But what do I know?

    It’s just what I’ve heard

    Now, seriously

    Coz this was hard work,

    Put on your PJs

    And stay at home (PROFANITY)

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