Beginners Crash Course

Want to quickly master the basics of European Portuguese? The semi-intensive Beginners Crash Course is specifically designed to equip you with the tools you will need for day to day living and gain a greater cultural understanding of Portugal in the process.

That’s why we’re not interested in teaching from textbooks. We teach using a range of multimedia content, from TV and podcasts to online news and popular music. This way, the language you are learning is rooted in popular culture, real life situations and current affairs.

What will the course cover?

  • How to pronounce the sounds of European Portuguese
  • Using gender, articles and prepositions
  • How to talk about yourself in a social situation
  • Essential phrases for everyday life in the community
  • Introduction to verbs in the present tense
  • Current affairs discussions
  • Listening practice, using popular music and online news

Why should I choose Talk the Streets?

As you may have seen from the “Learn Portuguese” page, a Talk the Streets language course is a bit different to other courses you may find in Lisbon:

No Textbooks: All the lesson material is personally curated by Liz, based on university-grade grammar guides and popular multimedia content (think music, online news and video).

Small Classes: Each class will have a minimum of three, and maximum of six students. This allows each student to have plenty of personal attention, as well as the opportunity to learn from each other.

Cultural Experiences: Each course includes a cultural outing, involving an activity and conversation practice with a Portuguese business person or artist – a totally unique experience exclusive to Talk the Streets!

When, where, how much?

Classes take place at Heden, a creative coworking space with locations in Graça and Chiado. The price for each course is €279.

What does the price include?

  • Three weeks of language classes (90 minute classes held twice a week)
  • A unique cultural experience and conversation practice with a local business person
  • Take-home grammar guides and cheat sheets
  • Access to all learning materials online

There is currently no availability for this course. Please sign up here to be the first to know about new courses and events as they are announced.