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    The Best Resources for Learning European Portuguese

    Sitting in class and flipping through grammar notes will only get you so far when you are learning a language. To become truly proficient in any target language, you have to practice. Every. Damn. Day. I’m often asked by my students: where I find more online resources for learning European Portuguese? Frustratingly, in comparison to what’s available online to help you learn Spanish, German, or even Brazilian Portuguese, there’s precious little that can help you learn Portuguese as spoken in…

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    How to Order Coffee in Portugal

    Your first “oh my God I’ve got to speak Portuguese in public” moment is probably going to happen in a coffee shop. It feels like a running a gauntlet. What are the options? What is a meia-de-leite? Can I…

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    15 False Friends in Portuguese

    Is anything more frustrating when you are learning a language, than words that *look* exactly like the English word… but it turns out they mean something totally different in your target language? These are called false friends, and there…