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    15 False Friends in Portuguese

    Is anything more frustrating when you are learning a language, than words that *look* exactly like the English word… but it turns out they mean something totally different in your target language? These are called false friends, and there…

  • Alentejo / Travel Tips

    Tips for an Alentejo Road Trip

    The Alentejo is just that bit you drive through to get to the Algarve right? WRONG! While the warm waters of the Southern coast are the classic choice for holiday goers in Portugal, if you are looking for a…

  • Lisbon / Travel Tips

    50 (Alternative) Things to Do in Lisbon

    I get it – you’re done with tourist traps like the 28 tram and Time Out market. You want to get under the skin of this awesome city and experience the many amazing things it has to offer besides…